Accept a Member Invitation in the Mobile App

Accept a Member Invitation in the Mobile App

With your account, you can have an unlimited number of archives. This makes it easy to join your family's and friends' archives as archive members to collaborate on preserving your most cherished memories or histories. This article will walk you through accepting an invitation to join another archive in the mobile app. 

Once your family member, friend, or colleague has invited you to join their archive, you will receive an email notifying you of the invitation. To accept the invitation, you can either follow the link from the email to sign into your Permanent account in your mobile browser, or you can download and open the mobile app to accept the invitation there. 

Accept in the Mobile Apps

If you already have a Permanent account and have the Permanent mobile app on your device, you can accept the archive invitation directly in your account.

To view and accept the invitation, tap the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen, then tap Archives. 

In your archives list, you will see a Pending Archives section with the new archive listed. Your role for the archive is also listed below the name. To accept the invitation, tap Accept. To decline the invitation, tap Decline.

You will now see the archive listed in your archives list. You can tap the name of the archive to open it and begin viewing or collaborating in the archive.

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