Archive and Records Action Glossary

Archive and Records Action Glossary

There are a number of actions that an account can take on records and archives in These include:

  1. Uploading a file
  2. Creating a new folder
  1. Navigating into a folder
  2. Reading metadata for a specific folder
  3. Reading metadata for a specific file
  4. Downloading
  1. Changing metadata on an existing folder
  2. Changing metadata on an existing file
  1. Deleting the contents of an existing folder
  2. Deleting an existing file
  1. Adding files to public folder
  2. Adding folders to public folder
  1. Move an existing file
  2. Move an existing folder
Move is only allowed within the topmost folder that move access is granted on. You cannot move across that boundary (but can copy & delete, if given appropriate permissions).

Share (share-level permissions)
  1. Add archives to a shared item
  2. Change archive access on a shared item
  3. Remove archive access to a shared item
Edit Members (member level permissions)
  1. Add members to an archive
  2. Change member access to an archive
  3. Remove member access to an archive

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