Archive Types

Archive Types

When you create an archive on, you can choose which type of archive it is. The archive type reflects what the archive represents, such as a person, a family, or an organization. 

There are three types of archives:

Person Archive: A person archive represents an individual person, such as yourself or someone else. Select a Person archive if you are creating an archive about one individual.

Family (or Group) Archive: A family archive is any group of people, such as a community group or a family. Select a Family archive if you are creating an archive about a family or an informal group of people, such as a club or a neighborhood.

Organization Archive: An organization archive is an organizational entity such as a company or nonprofit. Select an Organization archive if you are creating an archive about an official organization such as a historical society or business.

Selecting the correct archive type allows you to edit the appropriate metadata in the Archive Profile that best reflects who or what your archive is about. 

At this time, you are unable to change the archive type once you have created the archive. We are working on this feature, so please check back soon. If you have any questions or issues regarding your archive's type, please reach out to

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