Brand Assets

Brand Assets

Thank you for your interest in helping us promote our work. We wanted to share some important details that might be useful.

Our Name and Tax ID
We are registered as a 501(c)(3) under the name Permrecord Foundation, EIN 47-3017917, but we do business as (DBA) the Permanent Legacy Foundation. To find our determination letter and historical 990 forms, you can search the IRS database for our EIN or registered name.

Our URL is and we use it in our logo to help people find us more easily. Permanent Archive is the name of our commercial web application/platform.

Our Base Colors
Orange: #FF9933
Blue: #131B4A
Purple: #800080
Red: #A10000

Our Expanded Colors

Expanded Colors













Our Font
Our font is Open Sans.

Our Logo
Our logo is meant to evoke traditional symbols of permanence. We utilize our URL in our logo to help people find us. Typical usage includes the logo adjacent to the URL. The standalone logo is only used as an icon.

We have one white, one black, and two color versions of our logo available for specific use cases where they may be appropriate.

Download all files in EPS and PNG formats.


Byte4Byte Logo

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