Create a New Archive in the Mobile App

Create a New Archive in the Mobile App

Your account allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of archives. Archives can represent any person, a whole family group, or an organization. Switch back and forth between them without needing to log out.

Creating a new archive

Navigate to your account menu by tapping the gear icon in the top right corner, then tap Archives. 

Account menu on the iOS app (left) and Android app (right)

You will be taken to the Archive Selection screen. At the bottom of the screen, tap the "Create new archive" button. 

Archives selection screen in the iOS app (left) and the Android app (right)

Enter the name of your new archive. This is generally the name of the person, organization, or family that the archive will be about. You can go back and edit this name later in the archive's Public Profile.

Next, choose the type of archive: person, group or family, or organization. The type of archive determines some of the metadata fields in the archive's Public Profile and cannot be changed once the archive is created. 

A person archive represents an individual person, such as yourself or someone else. A family archive is any group of people, such as a community group or a family. An organization archive is an organizational entity such as a company or nonprofit. Learn more about archive types here.

Archive naming and type selection in the iOS app (left) and the Android app (right)

Once you are finished filling in the information, tap the "create" button. The new archive will appear in your Archives list.

Change your default archive

A default archive is the archive that shows up when someone searches for your email address when sharing from another archive. Your default archive is notated by a star next to the archive name in your Archives list. You cannot delete a default archive until you designate another archive as your default archive.

You can change the archive (or any of your other archives) to be your Default Archive by tapping the three dots icon to the right of the archive's name, then tapping Make Default. 

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