Enhanced Legacy Controls

Enhanced Legacy Controls

This is an area of our manifesto that is currently under development.

Our nonprofit mission is to keep data perpetually accessible for the historical and educational benefit of future generations. We promise to respect the privacy and copyright of every user's personal data and give them control to publicly release that data on their own terms, keep it in private hands if they wish, or have it permanently destroyed.
  1. Directives – How do you make sure that the people you trust have control over your data when you no longer can? Directives are how we allow our users to set specific instructions for how their data should be handled in the future, whether handed over to a loved one, locked up forever, or published to the web.
  2. Vault – The most secure systems don't ever allow access to any file without verifying the identity of the person accessing that file and make sure to verify identity every time that file is accessed. That's why we're building the vault, the double-secure section of our application. Items you place into the vault are locked with an encryption key that only you know and cannot ever be shared with or accessed by anyone except you.

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