How We Use Donations and Storage Fees

How We Use Donations and Storage Fees

A large percentage of the returns on our endowment cover the cost of permanently storing all of our user’s content. However, an equal part will support our Byte-for-Byte program which allocates Permanent Archives and storage space for nonprofits and cultural organizations to preserve the history of the people and communities they serve.

Our operating expenses fund our dedicated team as they continue to maintain your Permanent Archive. Think of us as your museum curators. We will take care of all storage needs, file format migration processes and any future upkeep.

The Make It Permanent fund is a grant-making reserve to support individuals and groups that cannot afford the cost of ingesting culturally valuable materials onto Support could include building archives, scanning materials or establishing programs that help capture the stories of unique communities. This endeavor will be funded from endowment earnings in excess of operations costs in any given year.

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