Our Approach

Our Approach

At Permanent, we understand the conflicts that our users face day-to-day when it comes to making choices for their digital data.

We’re not claiming to have it all figured out or to be digital deities. We’re regular people who want a better, more ethical and equitable digital world - for our lifetimes and the ones that come after. We believe this change is possible now and want to make it available for everyone.

We understand that data loss is a traumatic experience and that privacy incursions are violating intrusions. We don’t want to capitalize off of your misfortune. We know that securing your digital legacy is an undertaking that can often feel overwhelming. We empathize with you and we’re on your team.

We know you receive a lot of information and have heard a lot of claims – it gets very confusing. We want to cut through the fog and be transparent about the digital landscape and your options. We know it takes a while to establish trust. We are patient, we’ll be here when you need us.
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