Why Should You Trust Permanent?

Why Should You Trust Permanent?

Preservation for every person is now within reach. Here’s why Permanent is a safe choice for your family’s cherished memories. 

As a nonprofit, we’re different from other storage providers.

The Permanent Legacy Foundation is building the world’s first consumer-grade, secure cloud storage service backed by a nonprofit. We’re making digital archives available for individuals, organizations and families.

This is our mission – to preserve and provide perpetual access to the digital legacy of all people for the historical and educational benefit of future generations.

As a nonprofit organization, Permanent has no commercial incentive to monetize your data. That means we don’t sell your personal data to advertisers in exchange for using our platform.

Our endowment model sets us apart. 

Each time a user purchases storage, their one-time storage fee is pooled into a shared investment (endowment). The returns or interest on that investment cover the continued cost of storage. Our model converts that one-time “micro-endowment” payment into perpetual storage.

We protect your privacy. You control your data. 

The protection of our users and the safety of their files is our highest priority. We employ multi-factor authentication to confirm your identity and to ensure that no one can obtain unauthorized access to your account or files.

You will always have the right to download your original files, and Permanent will never alter your ability to copy, download, or change the files in your archive. 

Your files are privately stored and encrypted, which means they can only be shared with other Permanent.org users that you have granted access to. You control what is shared, what level of access another Archive has to it and you can revoke access at any time.

Our nonprofit mission guarantees that your information will never be sold, your data will never be mined, your copyright will never be seized and you will never be marketed to.

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