Timeline View

Timeline View

There are two different views for records in your Public archive on Permanent: a grid view and a timeline view. The timeline view creates a timeline of your files based on their date.

To create a timeline, log into your Permanent account. Navigate to your Public workspace in your archive by selecting Public on the left side navigation bar. 

Then, select a folder in your Public workspace that you want to turn into a timeline. If you don't have the right folder and files in your Public workspace yet, you can either upload new files to your Public workspace or publish a folder from your My Files workspace. Publishing a folder will create a new copy in your Public workspace. You can learn more about how to publish material to your Public Archive in this article.

Once you have the files within the folder you wish to use for your timeline, click the folder once to highlight it, then click the Views tab on the right side of the screen. 

You'll see two options: one for the grid view and one for the timeline view. You can click the option for Folder Default for timeline to set the default view for that folder as a timeline. You can then click the View button under Timeline to view your new timeline.

Your timeline is viewable in your Public Archive, which you can access by clicking the drop down arrow under your archive name on the left side of the screen, then clicking Archive Profile. Then, click the View on Web button and then the View Public Archive button to get to your Public Archive. When you click the thumbnail preview for the timeline folder, your new timeline will pop up. 

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