Upcoming Features

Upcoming Features

At Permanent, it’s our goal to provide you with the tools you need to preserve your legacy. We are constantly working on improving our platform to provide you with a better experience and more functionality to accomplish your goals.

We want you to know what we’re working on and what we have in store for the future, so we created a Product Roadmap. Please note that this is a working document and that all release dates are estimates. Check back often for updates or subscribe to our newsletter for the most up to date announcements. Below are some highlights of upcoming features we hope to release soon. Please visit our Product Roadmap for more information.

We’d love to hear from you about our planned improvements or anything you think might be missing from our list.

Upcoming Features

Permanent Public Gallery
The Permanent Public Gallery is your landing page to the public stories, memories, and histories of other Permanent Members. In the Permanent Public Gallery, you can view other Public Archives, search for archives by name, view featured Public Archives, and view your own Public Archives.
Our new Directives feature will allow you to designate what you want to happen to your Permanent account and your Permanent archives when you are gone. The first step of this feature will include options for you to delete or memorialize your account, as well as choose what you want to do with any Permanent Archives you own.
Metadata is a vital part of preservation, as it provides context and important information about the materials you are preserving. We will be adding Dublin Core Metadata fields, a widely accepted metadata standard for digital materials, to Permanent.
Write Permanent Metadata to Files
Files downloaded from Permanent will include any metadata you’ve added on Permanent embedded within the file, in adherence to best practices from https://savemetadata.org/ (previously the Family History Metadata Working Group).
Designate an Account as the Funder of an Archive
You will be able to designate an account as the funder of an archive. This means that if you are collaborating on building an archive with family and friends, you can designate yourself or someone else as the archive funder, and all uploads to that archive from your family and friends will be applied to the archive funder’s storage total rather than theirs.

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