Upload Files Outside the App

Upload Files Outside the App

The Share to Permanent feature allows you to import photos or files from your device to your archive through the Permanent mobile app. Use this feature to directly upload photos and videos in your camera roll, emails, text messages to your Permanent archive. The Share to Permanent feature utilizes your device's share menu that appears when you tap the "export" button.

Share to Permanent on iOS

To import files or photos from your Apple device to your Permanent archive, select the file or files you wish to upload, then tap the export button in the bottom left corner. 

A new menu will appear with choices for where you would like to export the files to. On the second row, or the Apps row, swipe towards the left until you see the Permanent App icon. If you do not see the Permanent App icon, swipe until you see the More icon and tap it. In the menu that appears, find the Permanent App icon and tap it. 

A new window will appear that lists the files you've selected and the destination for the files. If everything looks good, you can tap Upload in the top right corner. If you need to make changes to the files you've selected, you can tap Cancel in the top left corner.

Currently, files uploaded through the Share to Permanent feature will automatically upload to the archive you're currently checked into or have open in the app, in a new folder called "Mobile Uploads."

If you want to choose a different archive to upload to, cancel the current upload, open the Permanent app and switch archives. Then, you can proceed to use the feature. We are working on allowing you to choose which archive you'd like to upload to, so check back soon!

Once the upload has finished, you can view the files by opening the app and tapping on the Mobile Uploads folder. From there, you can edit the metadata and information of the file, or move the files to a different part of your archive.

Add the Permanent App to Favorites List

Using the Share to Permanent feature often? Add the Permanent App to your Favorites list so it appears at the beginning of the apps list to make it even easier to import files to Permanent.

Select a file or photo from your device, then tap the export button in the bottom left corner. In the new window that appears, scroll in the second row until you see the More icon. Tap More, and a new window will appear. 

Tap Edit in the top right corner, than tap the plus sign next to the Permanent App icon. This will add Permanent to your list of favorite apps. When you are finished editing the Apps list, tap Done.

Share to Permanent on Android

The Share to Permanent feature is under development for Android and will be released soon. Check back later for this and other improvements to the mobile app!

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