Can I upload GEDCOM (.gdz or .ged) files to my archive?

Can I upload GEDCOM (.gdz or .ged) files to my archive?

GEDCOM (.gdz or .ged) files are genealogical family tree files exported from FamilySearch. 

You can upload GEDCOM files to your for preservation. Permanent will recognize the file as a GEDCOM file and list the type of file as "Genealogy." This allows you to preserve your GEDCOM family tree file.

However, at this time, we do not support the "play back" or viewing of GEDCOM files directly on Permanent. You can still upload these files to your Permanent archive, and they will be preserved in their original form. You can also download a copy of your file from your Permanent archive at any time, which you can open and view using software that can open and view GEDCOM files.

Permanent does have an integration with FamilySearch where you can easily preserve the memories and personal metadata you've already collected in FamilySearch on Learn more about the FamilySearch integration here.

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