What is Our Nonprofit Mission?

What is Our Nonprofit Mission?

Our Mission

To preserve and provide perpetual access to the digital legacy of all people for the historical and educational benefit of future generations.

What We Believe

Our public service and the technical design choices we make when building software are driven by the belief that:
  1. All people leave a legacy that deserves to be preserved.
  2. Individual stories can change the way we see the world.
  3. The time is now for people to take control of their digital legacy.
  4. Creating the most widely accessible, highest-integrity system for digital preservation is possible with today's technology.
  5. Traditional cultural heritage institutions like museums, libraries, universities, and faith-based organizations remain essential.
  6. Commercial cloud storage solutions can have a new, modern role to play in preserving the digital legacy of all people.
  7. It takes collaboration between many different types of organizations to achieve digital permanence for all people.
  8. It is our responsibility to protect all materials entrusted into our care for all time, no matter who they belong to.

Our Vision

A sustainable organization that gives people complete control over their digital legacy and the peace of mind that it will be preserved for future generations.

A new paradigm for a truly inclusive and diverse, universally-accessible, people’s history assembled from countless individual perspectives, existing in endless permutations.

A trusted platform for individuals, families and small organizations that provides a secure and private environment to build and share archival quality history with family, friends, colleagues and the public, at their complete discretion.

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