What's the difference between an account and an archive?

What's the difference between an account and an archive?

A Permanent account is an account on Permanent.org with credentials and payment information established by an individual. A Permanent account has access to one or more Permanent archives, and is associated with certain settings and actions such as the amount of storage used an available, account information, switching between archives, and inviting other people to Permanent. These settings and actions are accessed through the account menu in the upper right corner of your screen.

A Permanent archive is the collection of digital records to be preserved forever that are the legal property of an individual, family, or organizational entity. Archives are created by Permanent account holders.

When you log into Permanent, you are taken to your default archive (learn more about default archives here). You can see which archive you are working in by looking at the left side of the screen. 

You can access different settings and actions pertaining to that archive by clicking the arrow underneath the archive name. Here, if you have the correct access role to do so, you can view and edit the Archive Profile, view and manage Archive Connections, view and manage Archive Members, and change Archive Settings.

Your Permanent account allows you to create and be a member of an unlimited number of archives. Learn more about creating new archives, switching between archives, and adding members to archives with these help articles.
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