Create Your First Archive

Create Your First Archive

Congratulations on taking the first step to preserving your legacy by signing up for a account!

Once you have created your account, you will create your first archive. An archive is a collection of material that represents the digital legacy of a person, a group or family, or an organization. 

When you are ready to create your first archive, click the Get Started button.

The first step to creating your first archive is selecting the archive type. The archive type represents what your archive is about -- either a person, a group or family, or an organization. Click the archive type that best represents the archive you wish to create.

What will your first archive represent? It might be yourself, a family member, an ancestor, your neighborhood association, a small business or a nonprofit organization.

Not sure what archive option to choose? Start with yourself. You can always create new archives or change the name and type of your archive later. 

Click Next to move onto the next step.

Next, name your archive by typing the name into the field. The name of the archive is generally the legal or official name of the person, family or group, or organization the archive is about. For example, "The Katherine Johnson Archive."

Click Create Archive to finish creating your archive.

Congratulations! You have created your first archive and taken an important step in ensuring that your legacy is passed on to future generations.

You'll be taken to your new archive that you have created, where you can start preserving your legacy by uploading your first file or filling out your archive's profile.

You will also receive an email welcoming you to Permanent with additional information. To learn more about your new account and archive, take a look the Getting Started section of our Knowledge Base and the "Tour of Your New Permanent Account and Archive" article.

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