Why is my file downloading automatically?

Why is my file downloading automatically?

Some larger files are not able to be viewed directly in Permanent and instead will download to your device for you to open outside of your browser. One way to minimize the impact on your own experience is to turn off automatic downloads in your browser settings. If you force your browser to ask where a file should go before downloading it, then it won't proceed with the download if you cancel it. Instructions for how to change your browser's download preferences can be found below.

Google Chrome: Changing Download Preferences

In Google Chrome, click on the three dots on the top right side of the browser window, then click "Settings." This will bring up the Settings preferences pane which allows you to handle how Google Chrome will treat files as you navigate the web.

On the menu on the left, click "Advanced" and then "Downloads." You can then toggle the setting for asking whether to save each file before downloading. 

Firefox: Changing Download Preferences

In the Firefox browser, type "applications" in the search bar at the top right. This will bring up the Applications preferences pane which allows you to handle how Firefox will treat files as you navigate the web.

In the search bar of the Applications pane, type PDF (for example) to narrow your focus on the PDF "content type". By clicking on the option currently selected in the "action" column, you can change how Firefox treats these files. Select "open in Firefox" so that you can view files directly in the browser before attempting to download them.

Microsoft Edge: Change Download Preferences

In your Microsoft Edge browser, click on the icon with the three horizontal dots, then click "Settings" (which has a gear icon on the left next to it). This will bring up the Settings page in your browser. On the menu on the left side, click "Downloads."

From there, you can toggle the preference that enables a pop-up that asks whether you want to download a file before it downloads. You can also change other preferences such as the download paths and the appearance of a downloads menu.

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