Sharing Files from the Permanent App with a Share Link

Sharing Files from the Permanent App with a Share Link

You can share a file, multiple files, or entire folders in your archive with other Permanent members on the mobile app through generating a share link to view the selected files. With this share link, friends, family members, and colleagues can preview the files you have shared with them without a Permanent login, and can also log into their Permanent accounts to view the shared files in their archive. If you would rather export your files to share with family and friends, you can learn how to export files here.

To generate a share link for a file or folder, tap the menu icon to the right of the file or folder name, then tap Share Via Permanent. 

A new page will appear with the generated share link. 

To choose how you would like to share the link, tap the Share Link button on iPhone, or the Copy Link button on Android.

If you would like to change the settings for the link you have generated, tap the Link Settings button. You can learn more about managing link settings here. 

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