Manage Tags

Manage Tags

The Manage Tags feature in the Archive Settings allows members of the archive with the correct permissions (learn more about permissions here) to quickly and efficiently manage the tags used in that archive. Search for, edit, and delete tags within the archive, and the changes are automatically updated on each file with that tag. If you would like to learn more about adding tags to your files, you can do so in this support article.

This feature is currently in development, and we are working on adding additional ways to manage tags. Be on the lookout for updates in the future.

Navigating to the Manage Tags Page

To navigate to the Manage Tags page, click the arrow below your archive's name on the left side of the screen, then click Archive Settings.

A new window will appear. Select Manage Tags if it is not already selected. 

Search for a Tag

The Manage Tags page lists all of the tags that are in use in your current archive. You can quickly find tags by using the Search Tags bar. Click into the Search Tags bar, then start typing the tag you are looking for. Your tags list will automatically update with all tags that match the search term.

Edit a Tag

To edit a tag, click the pencil icon next to the tag in the Manage Tags page. Type in your changes into the tag box, then click the checkmark icon. Once saved, the tag will be updated on all files it is tagged with.

If you decide you do not wish to save the changes for the tag you have edited, click the X icon instead. This will revert your changes back to the existing tag, and no changes will be made to the tags on your files.

Delete a Tag

To delete a tag, click the trash can icon next to the tag. A new window will appear to confirm that you wish to delete the tag. Click Delete, and the tag will be removed from the Manage Tag list and from every file in your archive.

Please note that deleting a tag is final. The tag will be removed from all files in your archive. 

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